As a graduate of CQ SSD, one’s training and learning need not stop. Continue to be a part of a learning community devoted not only to one’s ongoing professional development but also to the propagation of the ever-expanding ministry of spiritual companioning worldwide. Be counted and join the SSD Alumni as an official member by registering yourself!

Membership Privileges At a Glance

  • Alumni Commons
  • Annual Zoom Get-Together
  • Free Webinar
  • Special Discounts on eCourses
  • Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Networking Opportunities

Explanation of Benefits

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Alumni membership is entirely optional. Initial, one-time set-up registration fee is $75. Annual membership contribution of $150 is due each January. Failure to pay dues may result in membership termination. Membership is cancelable any time in any given year. Any alumni can rejoin at any time and renew membership by paying the yearly contribution.

Know that your ongoing contribution is bound to make a huge difference in expanding the ministry of CenterQuest through its ongoing training of future spiritual directors on a worldwide scale!

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