Remember those horrible junior high/middle school dances? The boys were lined up on one side and the girls on the other. The time was filled with awkward episodes of giggling and running back-and-forth to the bathroom, drama and tears. I myself remember one dance in particular where I felt so alone despite a large number of other kids around. Few of us enter adulthood without at least one painful incident of feeling awkward or left out.

“Isolation in community” is descriptive not only of tweens and teens but of many adults as well. We may be surrounded by a great crowd and yet feel completely alone. Sometimes this happens because we have been burned by churches, in marriages, by friends. We hone a survival instinct that would make the Lone Ranger proud and vow to “go it alone from now on.”

We keep ourselves protected by a wall of separation that few can penetrate.  2013-passion

Yet, God is one-in-three, a perpetual community of perfect love and harmony. God invites us to “come, join the dance of Trinity,” as the hymn says. God-as-Three calls us away from the wall of our isolation into a joyful dance of relationship with God and others.

Sometimes, learning to enter that dance includes the need for a “dancing instructor,” otherwise known as a spiritual director or spiritual mentor. They can help us overcome the wounds from past attempts at “dancing,” and learn the simple, life-changing steps of the Trinity. With their help we realize that this dance has room for everyone and that there is no shame, no awkwardness, only love and acceptance within a joyful community.  Like a healing centrifugal force, this dance spins out our pain and sorrow, leaving the pure gold of our True Self. Our souls are restored, as Psalm 23 promises.

Come! Join the dance of Trinity.

Valerie Hess, our guest blogger today, is an author, teacher, speaker and musician.  You can find her on this website where she finds creative ways to live into the intersection of the Arts and the Body with Spiritual Formation.


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