It is a well-known fact that Jews are waiting for the Messiah.  I have often had a hard time understanding that.  Yesterday when I listened to the lectionary for the first day of Advent I was surprisingly struck with the reality of the fact that the Old Testament scriptures were written for, well…Jews.  I find interesting that Jesus was a Jew.

Yet, here I sit with the same ole phrase at the start of another Advent season…..“Come Lord Jesus”

We know Advent is about waiting. It can’t be for Christ the babe because that is history. Another popular idea is that Advent is about waiting for the coming of the new age; the day when peace and harmony will be fulfilled. I hate to state the obvious but, isn’t that a form of waiting for the Messiah, like the Jews are doing?  What about this angle?  Are we not waiting for Christ to be revealed within us and without? Here are some thoughts about Advent by Father Ronald Rolheiser as he describes it through the brilliant mind of Peirre Teilhard de Chardin.

“Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once suggested that peace and justice will come to us when we reach a high enough psychic temperature so as to burn away the things that still hold us apart. In saying this, he was drawing upon a principle in chemistry: Sometimes two elements will simply lie side by side inside a test-tube and not unite until sufficient heat is applied so as to bring them to a high enough temperature where unity can take place”.

As I have pondered the start of Advent in the past two days, here are some of my reflections on how we are waiting for the Messiah….

We are waiting for Christ to be formed to the fullest within us. We are waiting for the kingdom to be fully here on earth as it is in heaven. We are waiting for Jesus to save us from our false selves. We are waiting for the new heaven and new earth.  We are waiting not for our sins to be saved, (that is done)….Rather, we are waiting for original blessing to be restored in the hearts and souls of all mankind past, present and future.

Since yesterday I don’t have a hard time with understanding why the Jews are still waiting for the Messiah,

because I am waiting too.

“Come Lord Jesus, in me.”  Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 1.19.19 AM

 Question for reflection…

Where do you sense God is presently awakening you to the fullness of Christ within you and outside of you?

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Val Dodge Head

Val Dodge Head, M.A., lives in Grand Rapids, MI, and serves on the CenterQuest staff as the communications coordinator and a variety of other roles. As a spiritual director and teacher, she loves to build bridges between the good and bad and to envelop herself in various forms of contemplation, all of which have helped her see God in all things good, true, and beautiful wherever and in whomever it leads.

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