About Robert Alan Rife

Robert Rife, M.A., minister of worship and music for Yakima Covenant Church (formerly Westminster Presbyterian) in Yakima, Washington, is a self-proclaimed book-nerd-word-herder, multi-instrumentalist (including Highland Bagpipes!), singer-songwriter, studio musician, choral director, poet, and liturgist. He maintains two personal blogs: Innerwoven and Robslitbits. He also blogs at Conversations Journal. Robert describes his vocation as exploring those places where life, liturgy, theology, and the arts intersect with and promote spiritual formation.

Ineffable One, there is a haze of wanton disregard fogging the window to my soul; a fog of discontent that swirls around my deepest knowing; an arrogant knowing where, in it’s place, I need unknowing. Holy One, relieve me of foolish trust in my ability to live in perfection. Let loose the hounds of irreducible…

Music, writing, and poetry have always been the primary means by which I engage the Holy. More correctly, it is God’s way of assuring access to me, to my deepest parts. Perhaps it is the same for you?