Margaret Guenther“We are born to travel, yet–knowingly or unknowingly–we yearn to return to that place that is our true home… Our journey is not an aimless wandering but a sacred quest, a quest for that center of ultimate meaning, the holy, the boundless love of our creator God. We are enriched by the invitation to
travel together. The very name ‘CenterQuest’ says it all.”

Susan Phillips“The times in which we live push us away from Center and toward multitasking, networking, and working without margin. CenterQuest invites us, as does Scripture, to come to the Living Water, partake of the Bread of Life, and be rooted and grounded in Christ that we might thrive and bear fruit for the world.”

Charles Ringma“Every move to deepen the spiritual life of Christians in the 21st century is a sign of hope for the renewal of the church and the re-building of a world marked by shalom. In this task, CenterQuest seeks to be a midwife of the birthing and beautifying Spirit.”

Phyllis Tickle“CenterQuest is a gift not only to those who are immediate to its work and study, but also to those of us who, though at a greater remove, can and will learn and grow from its prayerful and focused exercise of mind and heart in rightly discerning the ways and means of spirituality in the Christian life.”