apCenterQuest seeks to work collaboratively with a diversified network of spiritual formation and spiritual direction entities (organizations, churches, groups, institutions, and individuals) all committed to the holistic ministry of formation. To date, we are privileged to have forged partnership with more than 40 likeminded “affiliates” for mutual prayer support, encouragement, endorsement, and resource sharing. We continue to welcome every opportunity to unite ourselves with many others who share a common vision and burden. The list below represents the initial confirmed partners of CQ.

Meet Our Affiliate Partners

Abbey of the Arts (Ireland)

Christine Valters Paintner, Ph.D., Obl. O.S.B., Founder and Director

Act3 Network (Illinois)

John H. Armstrong, D.Min., President

All Hallows College (Ireland)

Dr. Michael O’Sullivan, S.J., Director of Postgraduate Spirituality Programmes

Anam Cara Ministries (Colorado)

Tara Owens, M.T.S., Founder, President, and Spiritual Director

Apprentice Institute (Kansas)

James Bryan Smith, D.Min., Executive Director

Art as Servant Ministries (Southern California)

Paul Kiler, Spiritual Director, Artist, Speaker and Leader of Visio Divina meditation techniques

B Ministries (Southern California)

Larry Warner, M.A.T.Founder and Executive Director

The Center for Spiritual Formation (Texas)

Rhesa HigginsFounding Director

The Contemplative Way (Southern California)

James Finley, Ph.D., Founder, Retreat Leader, and Spiritual Director

Conversations Journal (Georgia)

Joannah SadlerManaging Editor

Dr. David G. Benner (Canada)

David G. Benner, Ph.D., Transformational Architect and Coach / Cartographer of Spirit and Soul

Forma (U.S. – The Episcopal Church)

Lyle SmithGraybealM.S., President, Board of Directors

For the Care of Your Soul (Northern California)

Carol Swanson, M.A., and Missy StewartCo-Leaders and Facilitators

Foundations in Truth (Florida)

Michelle McCaffrey, M.A., Founder and Retreat Leader

G.A.M.O.T. Resources, Inc. (Philippines)

Cynthia Concepcion-BagaFounding Partner and Executive Director

Hearts On Fire: The Fellowship of United Methodist Spiritual Directors and Retreat Leaders (Tennessee)

C. Karen Covey Moore, D.Min.Chairperson, Board of Directors

The Jacob Institute of Christian Spiritual Formation (Pennsylvania)

Jamie Overholser, M.A.Director

JR Woodward (D.C.)

JR Woodward, M.A., National Director of V3Co-Founder of Missio Alliance

Kairos Spiritual Formation Ministries (Malaysia)

Alex Tang, M.D., Ph.D.Founder and Director

Kavanna House (Pennsylvania)

Deb Turnow, M.A., Founder and Executive Director

The Leadership Institute – TLI (Southern California)

Paul Jensen, Ph.D.  – Founder
Alan Fadling, M.Div.Executive Director 

The Listening Center – TLC (Southern California)

Kay Lindahl, CLP Founder

Living Streams Flowing Water (Ohio)

Rev. Dr. Brenda Buckwell, Obl. O.S.B.Executive Director

Mary Kay Glazer (New York)

Mary Kay GlazerM.A., Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, and Writer

Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Leadership (Michigan)

Spring Arbor UniversityEric R. Magnusson, D. Min.Director

New Fields (Alaska)

Pegge ErkeneffFounder

New Monasticisms (Ireland)

Bernadette Flanagan, Ph.D., Convenor

Nouwen Legacy Associates (Southern California)

Wil Hernandez, Ph.D., Obl. O.S.B.Founder and Manager

Open Hearts Open Minds (Canada/Philippines)

Lowry and Jeanne ChuaCo-Founders

Pax Center for Christian Spiritual Formation (Massachusetts)

Rama ZiegenhalsFounder and Director

Potter’s Inn (Colorado)

Stephen Smith, M.Div.Co-Founder with Gwen Harding Smith, President and Spiritual Director

Red Door Church (Indiana)

Giff Reed, M.A., Jordan Warner, M.A., Lucas AllenCo-Pastors

Renewed Living (Southern California)

Prudence DancyFounder and Director

Restoration Ministries (Minnesota)

Jean Leih, D.Min.Founder and Executive Director

Rhythm of Grace (Kansas City)

Craig Babb, Ed.D.Director

Society of Urban Monks (Southern California)

Joe Colletti, Ph.D., and Sofia Herrera, Ph.D.Co-Executive Directors

The Soul Care Project (Tennessee)

Russell Courtney, M.A., Executive Director and Co-Founder with Dan Maclellan

SOULeader Resources (Southern California)

Michael Bischof, D.Min.Founder and President

Soul Shepherding (Southern California)

Bill Gaultiere, Ph.D., and Kristi Gaultiere, Psy.D.Co-Founders and Spiritual Directors

Southpoint (Australia)

Andrew Ball, D.Min.Director

Spiritual Ministries Institute (Texas)

Eunice Cheshire, Co-Founder and President

Spirituality Shoppe (Colorado)

Evan B. Howard, Ph.D.Founder and Director

Stepping Stone Ministries (Canada)

Cathy McMulkin, M.Div., Founder

STEPS (Ireland)

Tom Wilson, M.Th.Founder and Leader 

Still Forming (Florida)

Christianne Squires, M.A.Founder and Spiritual Director

Strategic Monk (Southern California)

Greg Richardson, M.A., J.D.Spiritual Life Mentor

Together in the Mystery – TIM (Northern California)

Maria Tattu Bowen, Ph.D.Co-Founder

Transformational Listening Center – TLC (Illinois)

Jeanie Hoover, M.A., Executive Director

Transforming Experiences (Missouri)

Kim Nielsen, M.A., Founder and Spiritual Director

Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre (Canada)

Tyndale University College & Seminary (Toronto)Barbara Haycraft, D.Min.Director

WellSpring (Northern California)

Patti PiercePresident and Executive Director